Sangean new product names

To improve the product and brand awareness Sangean decided to change all the product names. Instead of product codes – like WFR-30, we will from now on communicate with easier and more appealing names like Fusion 300. To avoid confusion, the product code will be displayed always, next to the new name. For example: Fusion 300 (WFR-30).

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Revive your old tuner!

Revive your old tuner into an DAB+ and Internet compatible device!

Did you buy a tuner just before DAB+ was announced to be the future? Or are you convinced that DAB+ is the future but you don’t want to buy a new tuner?

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1st till 6th of September

Sangean presented their new concept at IFA 2017. The four categories are presented and explained via the big drawing on the backside of the stand. Radios are presented within each category and show that Sangean has a radio for every use! Next to that, the new Sangean movie was presented (watch it on YouTube) and visitors could view the new brochure.

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BTR-160 Software Update

A major update is available for the BTR-160. The update is available via our download page from today on

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Introducing the four categories

Sangean announces different product groups. The most sold radios are divided into four categories based on their most impressive specifications.

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6 reasons to be listening to the radio

Most people cannot go through the day without music. A great song that you hear by coincidence can make your day! Of course you can choose your own music to listen to. But when music is chosen song by song, focus is needed. You cannot concentrate on your task if you need to stop every four minutes to pick a new song! A solution can be to pick a playlist before work; you will only hear your handpicked and favorite songs. Sounds perfect! Or does it?

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