6 reasons to be listening to the radio

2-11-16. Music Is My Life is the seventh studio album by Billy Preston, a song by Menderes, a song by Don Diablo and even Lenny Kravitz agrees: “Music is my life, it is a reflection of what I go through”.

Most people cannot go through the day without music. A great song that you hear by coincidence can make your day! Of course you can choose your own music to listen to. But when music is chosen song by song, focus is needed. You cannot concentrate on your task if you need to stop every four minutes to pick a new song! A solution can be to pick a playlist before work; you will only hear your handpicked and favorite songs. Sounds perfect! Or does it? Radio has a lot of advantages! 


1. Music is an everyday need

Every day you work with electronic devices. Your smartphone, tablet, radio, TV, speakers. Can you imagine these machines without sound? Every feeling, every emotion, every memory, try to think about them without sound. Does it not feel cold? If you could even manage to do so! Music can help you through the day because it is connected to your emotions.

2. Radio helps you focus

While you listen to music, you can shut out the rest of the world. Be in your own comfortable zone and finish all the work. Radio is key; it will help you focus because you do not need to choose your own music. The DJ chooses it for you!

3. Radio has variation

Of course you have your favorite music on if you have a choice of your own. But the worst can happen if you listen to it every day; you can get tired of a song! Do you know the feeling, listening every day to the same song but after a while you cannot hear it anymore? With radio you can decide which station you tune in to and therefore you can switch to the style you like.

4. Radio can surprise you

On the one hand you can get tired of a song. On the other hand; radio can really surprise you with a song you haven’t heard in ages or that really great tune that makes your day. Music is the best when it just happens.

5. You will be up to date

With so many radio stations available on the internet it is easy to choose between one with a talking DJ between music or without. It is also possible to have a station with just news. Every hour or every half hour you can hear the news to follow the most important events of the day. It is also useful for making small talk with colleagues or friends.

6. You can win a lot of stuff

If there is a DJ active on your radio station you probably can win a lot of stuff. The DJ can make your day by telling the best jokes and give the best information about the songs he plays. But besides that; there are often these competitions where you can win stuff or even tickets for an event!