Introducing the four categories

4-11-2016. Sangean announces different product groups. The most sold radios are divided into four categories based on their most impressive specifications. In the following days we will introduce some radios in the product ranges.

The categories are:

- Connectivity
- Mobility
- Literature and Art
- Leisure and Enjoyment

The names are kind of obvious of course. The radios in the catagory Connectivity are all about connecting. Use WiFi or Bluetooth and connect your device. You buy these kinds of devices because you need more than a radio; you need a music player which fits your needs.

With radios in the category Mobility you are mobile; carry your music with you. Pocket and portable radios, at your service!

Literature and art stands for the greatly designed radios. It is all about the looks, but of course the radio is also beautiful on the inside.

Leisure and enjoyment are fun radios that you use in your free time. Playful designs and perfect for providing a smile on your face. 

All Sangean radios have the great quality you are used to. The family company focuses for over forty years completely on radio technology. With great care we design, manufacture and distribute the radios you want to welcome in your home. Sangean: World Class Radios!