Leisure and Enjoyment: focusing on the BTS-102 and the DPR-77

18-11-2016. The introduction of the last category! With the BTS-202 and the DPR-77 you can get a grasp of the diverse category Leisure and Enjoyment. This category has more in stock than you might think.



















Leisure and Enjoyment is for people who want to have fun. And having fun with music is not really hard, when you have such radios! But the radios in this category are not only for portable pleasure. When you would like to enjoy yourself you can pick up your portable radio, but you can also, for example, use a radio in the shower, or even pick a durable utility radio. With Leisure and Enjoyment it is all about you: you need to be happy! With the BTS-102 and the DPR-77 it is easy to carry your happiness with you and share the music.

General specifications:


Your own music; portable with you (Bluetooth speaker with NFC)

Have a great battery that even charges your mobile! (rechargeable built-in Lithium-ion battery)

You are not tied to your speaker; you can walk around for 10 meters! (10 meters Bluetooth distance)

Full specs


Listen to your favorite radio station (DAB+/FM radio)

Easy to use in the dark (LCD display with backlight)

Never change stations by accident (with lock switch)